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BLAST Pro Series is the home of live Counter-Strike entertainment



Get ready for the biggest esports tournament in the world. BLAST Pro Series is Counter-Strike and live entertainment like nothing else, and now, the spectacle is coming to America. World-class teams will all battle it out on the state-of-the-art stage in front of thousands of fans. So far two teams have been announced and it doesn’t get much bigger: Astralis and NAVI, ranked #1 and #3 in the world respectively. At BLAST Pro Series, you get to experience tomorrow’s superstars today.

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As one of the world’s most popular vacation spots, everyone knows about Miami. The city oozes of excitement and enjoys a vibrant culture that is influenced by people from all over the world. Miami is featured in countless movies and games, and sports and entertainment is an integral part of the city that houses several great teams from the major American sports leagues. Thus, Miami is the perfect fit for BLAST Pro Series.



A new season of BLAST Pro Series is underway and as the only second stop of the 2019 circuit, the Miami tournament looks to be crucial in deciding which teams will step up and be a dominant force of year. The show will look to deliver countless breathtaking moments of action and excitement with non-stop entertainment in-between the thrilling games of Counter-Strike. The name is no coincidence. It will be a BLAST.

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player cards



An arena that outperforms most others, the Watsco Center is the second BLAST Pro Series destination of 2019. The entertainment facility is a hub for events of any kind and has hosted numerous memorable concerts and sold-out sporting events throughout the years. With 5,000 ecstatic fans trying to cheer roof off of the venue, there is little to no doubt that the atmosphere in the Watsco Center will be incredible.