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BLAST Pro Series is entering its first musical partnership

The global tournament series is teaming up with one of the most streamed, downloaded and watched bands of this generation: Asking Alexandria!
Asking Alexandria is teaming up with BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019 for different entertainment pieces surrounding the US event as well as merchandise.


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The band’s founder, Ben Bruce, is a huge fan of Counter-Strike and he looks forward to being a part of BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Loudwire, Ben Bruce says:

– I think esports is an exciting platform. If you look at these esports events, there is a huge production and even just the energy from the spectators – it’s like an NFL game. And that’s where rock ‘n’ roll is most at home, in a live atmosphere where people are already energized. The marriage of the two is going to be quite magical.

Going on to talk about the use of “When The Lights Come On” as the official track of BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles, Ben adds:

– When we wrote that song, we wrote it specifically with arena crowds in mind. The whole song itself is about that feeling and about that moment when those lights come on and the show starts. It only exists there and then. That’s the kind of energy that these esports events are capturing and creating now.

BLAST Pro Series is all about world-class live entertainment and partnering up with a band that has played every major rock festival in the world and headlined several sold out theatre tours is yet another step in the evolution of the riveting and groundbreaking live format of BLAST.


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