The BLAST Pro Series visuals are created on the basis of BLAST colours, graphic elements, graphic patterns, BLAST and city imagery as well as the BLAST cut-out lightning frame. These can be used and combined in various layout combinations, with text added.
The lightning frame serves as central communicative element and bearer of brand stories, as the frames highlight the underlying images and key narratives, by revealing central parts of a given image.
Visual templates for both graphic only and cut-out lightning frames are available upon request.

The design rules for the use of headlines and copy applies to visuals as well.
Only use the lightning frame on images and never on graphic backgrounds only.
Only apply the lightning frame together with the lightning graphic element and never on its own.
The cut out lightning frames may only be used left and right aligned on the canvas, with max 2 applied on landscape and max 1 applied on portrait canvases.
Always keep best possible communication and exposure of the BLAST brand in mind, when using and applying design elements.