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The BLAST Pro Series imagery is a selection of BLAST event related photos, that are updated on an ongoing basis and available for implementation in visual communication formats, where needed.
Overall the imagery covers various BLAST Pro Series situations, emotions, teams, talents and players, with the aim to convey and communicate the unique BLAST experience.

The minimum resolution of the city image is 300 DPI.
BLAST Pro Series imagery always communicate world class, ambience, BLAST atmosphere, excitement, togetherness, vibrant, energy and authenticity.
BLAST Pro Series imagery always show excited people in action and motion, celebrating, cheering and interacting.
BLAST imagery may never be manipulated or transformed.
BLAST imagery never contain subjects that look into the camera or subjects that are outlined or cut out.
Colours should always be natural and well-balanced to reflect authenticity.
Only use imagery that has been approved by a BLAST Pro Series brand representative.

A collection of BLAST imagery is available on our Newsdesk here.