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Logo variations are produced for each BLAST Pro Series event city, where the city name is integrated in the primary BLAST Pro Series logo and logo ident, creating a joint conciliation.
The city logos are also available in a large and small scale versions where the same guidelines apply as for the main logos.

The same logo rules apply to the city logos as for the BLAST Pro Series main logos.
The city logos and the BLAST Pro Series main logos should never be used together.



For each event city a collection of city images is available. This imagery has the purpose of showcasing the cities individual traits and can be used in various communication formats and visuals as backgrounds or design elements.
The images are chosen amongst well-known monuments and places, cultural characteristics and city atmosphere and must be recognizable and representable of the given city.

The minimum resolution of the city images is 300 DPI.
City imagery may never be manipulated or transformed.
The city images may never be used on their own, but must incorporated into a visual.
City imagery never contain subjects that look into the camera or subjects that are outlined or cut out.
Never use other city specific images without approval from a BLAST Pro Series brand representatives.